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Striving to provide the way to walk more gently on the earth.

We welcome you to our council.  We are a council of all beings representing all life.  We are the voices of the Earth. We are here to teach about all forms of life and the homes we keep - Earth.  As in life, some lessons are hard but necessary while others are fun and interesting.  We will teach you about our environment, ecology, and animal behavior - domestic and wild.  Our goal is to show the common threads between all our worlds, dissolve our borders, and bring all life closer.  We are here to remind you where you come from.  One voice speaks for the council.  That voice is Jill. We welcome you to take your time, relax and look around.  We hope you enjoy your visit and go away a little wiser and feeling inspired.   Visit often.  Like the seasons, we are always changing.




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A Change in Attitude
for Earth's Sake
It is time to make Earth Day more than just another day with a name attached to it. Earth Day 2010 needs to be an historic event. It needs to be the day we humans had an Ego adjustment and changed our attitude towards Life on Earth.
Mourning the Loss of Yet Another Species
Exclusive Interviews
Read our Exclusive Interviews with members of the Earth Nations
The REAL Story behind "Cap and Trade"
Why it will only put an end to the planet and NOT Global Warming
Learn more about the "solution" to Global Warming that Congress, the Obama Administration and Wall Street came up with, "Cap and Trade". Like everything else coming out of Washington these days, it is not the wonderful "fix" they claim it to be. it is just more of the same, while ignoring REAL solutions. This time it is not just our economy and our freedoms that are in jeopardy. It is our very existence and the planet's that is at risk while Congress and Wall Street play greed and fraud games with our lives.
Watch this very informative video that explains what "Cap and Trade" is REALLY all about and how you can
What's your GQ?
How does your Green Quotient rank?
Test yourself to see if you are up on environmental issues and how much of an impact we have on the Earth and its' other residents







Please feel free to sign the quest book and let us know how we are doing.
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